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Pickel Fintech combines deep financial expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide advanced and innovative financial services for start-ups.


With a strong foundation in financial expertise and technology, I am dedicated to helping startups navigate their financial challenges. My hands-on experience and innovative approach make Pickel Fintech the ideal partner for your startup's success.


I work with startups because I love entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit.


I leverage advanced tools and technologies to deliver innovative solutions tailored for entrepreneurs and startups. My customized services add greater value, enhance efficiency, support informed decision-making, and drive business growth, ensuring your startup thrives in a competitive landscape.​

Main services include:


"Tom's financial modeling and strategic advice have been essential to our startup's progress. I appreciate his insights and his willingness to help at any time."

Gil Yoseph, Founder and CEO of Argamon


I’ve been working with alternative investments since the beginning of 2014. I started by making company valuations, business plans, and complex financial models, and then moved on to analyzing various alternative investment fund strategies for the Israeli institutional investor market.

Over the years, I delved deep into analyzing private equity, debt, real estate, and infrastructure investment strategies as part of a strong team. In 2017, I obtained the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation.

In 2019, I learned how to program and ventured into software development and data. By early 2021, I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself fully to developing a neural network from scratch, attempting to predict stock movements, alongside other data and programming projects. In the same year, I obtained the Financial Data Professional (FDP) charter.

Throughout my career, I have combined investment advisory services with advanced technology solutions, creating better and quicker value.

Recently, I established Souppe, a visionary platform designed to revolutionize investment portfolio management through visual, user-friendly tools and advanced data analytics. With over a decade of experience in the finance industry and my entrepreneurial journey, I integrate the latest financial insights and technological innovations into my work, providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions.

- Tom Pickel, CAIA, FDP




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Tel-Aviv, Israel




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